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Development Consulting and Project Management

Development Consulting is Catalyx’s core service offering. Principally we offer consulting services to institutions and projects that are geared to delivering improved outcomes and efficiencies to people development, public education, service delivery of basic services, health and safety, to name but a few. Our consulting services normally take the form of one of the following kind of targeted interventions: 

  • Research and Analysis
  • Project Design
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Process Diagram

Process Diagram

BBBEE Consulting and Verification

The Scorecard

  • Catalyx provides consulting services around all the elements of the BBBEE codes, namely:
  • Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Enterprise Development
  • Social Economic Development

Our services apply to all types of organisations including, Exempt Micro-Enterprises (EMEs), Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs), Generic Enterprises. Clients can engage with us, prior to their undergoing verification, as means of preparation or after verification as a means of setting out and implementing a process leading to an improved score on the subsequent verification. 

Catalyx specialises in 3 of the broad-based components of the scorecard, as they speak to the overall mission of the company as a consultancy focusing on social/developmental issues.  These three components are:

Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development (ED) is perhaps the least understood and implemented of all the codes. Yet, because of its broad based character, and that the fact that it speaks to developing industry related capacity, it is one of the most effect drivers of BBBEE. Catalyx is uniquely placed to deliver expert advice in this area. Further we refer to a number of product solutions to effectively facilitate Enterprise Development investments.

Social Economic Development

Catalyx specialises in the Social Economic Development (SED) component of the BBBEE codes. Social Economic Development is one of the most cost effective methods of scoring BBBEE points on the scorecard. Yet many organisations either don’t know how to identify credible social partners or how to implement programs that deliver real social gains for the recipients. With our many years of experience in the non-profit sector, Catalyx has a vast network of relationships with credible social partners in everything from home based care to community policing. 

Skills Development   

Skills Development (SD) is perhaps the single most important aspect of the BBBEE project, in that it makes provision for the long term empowerment of previously disadvantaged citizens. Through its relationship with the World Changers Academy and prior initiatives, Catalyx has more than 15 years experience in the skills development environment. We have brought that experience to bear in creating product solutions to meet clients’ needs in meeting their BBBEE obligations, while enjoying the bottom line benefits of developing skills base of their employees. 

BEE Verification Services

Catalyx is not itself a verification agency. However, Catalyx has a close relationship with several verification agencies, including BEE Rated, SAB&T, DRG Siyaya and Aqrate. Joe White, one of the directors of Catalyx, did Verifications previously for SAB&T (when it was called Integra Scores). Catalyx will guide the clients through the verification process and can even manage all the engagement with the verification agency where desired.

Training Management

The Catalyx team have vast experience in managing training interventions. This includes the development of workplace skills plans.  The Mr Price MRP Foundation Jumpstart project is a good example of a training intervention that Catalyx helped design and currently manages.


Through our many years of social engagement, we have gained much experience in various forms of field research. The ability for organisations both private and public to have access to reliable information, allows them the basis for informed decision making. Getting hold of such information is often a difficult process, one for which specialised skills are required. Catalyx is able to deliver such expertise in the following areas:

Types of Research

  • Field Research
  • Data Mining/ Collection (Internet & Available Sources)
  • Consolidation of Available Sources

Further we are able to apply the above research competencies into area or industry specific settings. Below is a list of these:

  • Social Policy Impact Research
  • Lifestyle Research
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Market Research

HR Services

Catalyx provides advice in HR related matters. However, for technical services, it refers clients to companies like DRG Outsourcing.