The Ubambo Group

Catalyx partners with the Ubambo Group, a black empowered group of companies, all 50% or more owned by members of the Mokoape family. The group share office space and other services, and provide complementary services. Offerings in the group include IT development, export services and public speaking.


MRP Foundation

Partnering with national project to assist non-profit training organisations across the country to scale up their programmes, improve job readiness components, and place them into work experience and employment opportunities in the retail sector and beyond.

MRP Foundation Jumpstart

World Changers Academy (WCA)

WCA was co-founded by Catalyx director Joe White. All the Catalyx directors are actively involved in the organisation. Catalyx's work on numerous projects has built on the success of World Changers.

World Changers Academy

Network Empowering Unemployed (NEU)

Catalyx provides the administration hub for this national network of organisations.


The Development House (TDH)

An IT development company that specialises in social development projects has outsourced us to coordinate building a network/survey of organisations in the Durban inner city, while they have developed a web based database tool for this sector.

Durban Chamber of Commerce, Ethekwini Municipality and TDH in development of an Opportunity Centre

Catalyx has collaborated with these stakeholders to develop a concept for a one stop job centre based in Durban. Catalyx did most of the development of a major proposal to the Jobs fund with the Durban Chamber of Commerce as the lead applicant.

Owen, Adendorff and Associates

OwenAden is an HR Consulting firm, with one of its specialisations being BEE consulting. Catalyx is often subcontracted by them to assist with BEE consulting services.